The sapphire Ionian islands welcome you in paradise. Kefalonia, Corfu, Zakynthos, Lefkada, Ithaki, Paxos. Islands with castles and beautiful towns with particular architecture, influenced mainly by the Venetians. Islands full of green. Olive and pine groves, that extend until they find the sea. Awarded exotic white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

Monasteries and Byzantine churches that promote the culture and the rich history of the Ionian Islands, mountainous villages and cosmopolitan ports, marinas for yachts and sailboats, waterfalls, paths, great asphalt trails, wetlands, mountains and marine parks where they find shelter turtles and seals.

These islands are like heaven for those who love water sports, for the wind surfers, kite surfers and sailors.

You will be amazed with the wealth of culinary experiences that the typical and special cuisine of the islands can offer you. The special cuisine of the Corfu Island will spell you, with dishes such as sofrito, bianco, bourdeto, pastitsada, the famous ginger beer and the kumquat. You can also taste the famous sweet of Zakynthos, the nougat.