The capital of the second island of Sporades is a beautiful and picturesque port with all the facilities of a properly equipped port. At a more lazy pace than Skiathos and with many options for fun and relaxation, Skopelos is also the place where the Hollywood musical MAMMA MIA was shot. Leaving your boat in the harbor, you can explore all the hidden or filmed beauties of this blessed place.


An alternative to the port of Skopelos is the port of Loutraki. Very close to the village of Glossa of Skopelos (protagonist in Papadiamantis Literary work “Nostalgia”) is the right choice for an essential acquaintance with the green vegetation and the untouched nature of the North side of the island.


Ideal for anchoring during the day for swimming or eating by the sea. The blue waters and the impressive slopes of the mountain compose an impressive scenery. It should be used as a night station only when there is a forecast for calm weather.


A pine-covered, enchanting port, next to the village of Elios and the beautiful sandy beach of Hovolos with the wonderful shades of the waters. The picturesque harbor with the marina, the beautiful beaches and the rich forest, are an ideal destination for quiet and relaxing holidays.


Pine-covered harbor full of fishing boats that pour out in the open sea every night to catch fish and squid and to feed the fish taverns on the beach. It took its name from Peparithios Olympian winner Agnontas or Agnon.


Large, windless bay with pebbled shores and crystal clear waters, which deepen sharply. It is an organized beach with many modern facilities. With one of the most beautiful views of the sunset and the surrounding literary aura of Caroll’s “Gates of the Wind”, Panormos is an ideal choice for the romantic and those eternally in love.