Skyros is the southernmost island of the Northern Sporades and is located at the east of Evia island. It is famous for its beautiful landscapes and is an excellent destination for quiet holidays near mainland Greece and Evia!

Linaria is the only port of Skyros. Its creation started in 1920, is located in South Skyros and has a West Orientation. The port has customs, gas station, mini market, restaurants, seafood restaurants, café, bakery, A.T.M. for banking liabilities and the Skyros Port Fund. The port of Linaria Skyros has been awarded with a Marina Blue Flag, the only Public Port with this distinction in the country.


The Castle is located on a rock 179m high where the ruins of the Medieval and Ottoman Period are preserved. Inside there is a medieval tank (14.80×9.20×70 m.), also known as the “dark prison”, because the building has no windows.


At the top of Skyros Town, next to the Castle is the Monastery of Ai-Giorgis, the patron saint of the Island.

The Monastery of Ai-Giorgis was built in 960 AD during the reign of Nikiforos Fokas, and from about 1447 it belongs to the Holy Monastery of the Great Lavra in the Athos Mount together with a huge fortune from the best estates of the island that reaches about 1/5 of its area. These estates were donated by Nikiforos Fokas to the Monastery of Megisti Lavra for the victory over the Arabs around 958 AD. According to the marble inscription on the bell tower, the church that exists today dates back to around 1600 AD. In the 16th century the monastery was renovated and over the centuries has been one of the most important pilgrimages of St. George in Greece.


The Archaeological Museum of the island exhibits collections of finds from various archaeological sites on the island and date from the Early Hellenic period (2800 to 1900 BC) to Roman years, architectural members and sculptures of various periods as well as sarcophagi from the Protogeometric period.

The Museum of Manos Faltaits is one of the first local-historical Folklore Museums in Greece, filled with the traditional culture and history of Skyros. The Museum was founded in 1964 with the aim of preserving the Skyrian heritage in the local area but also in Greece.