One of the most beautiful villages of Pelion, perfect retreat from the summer winds. The boats in the harbor, the hospitable locals, the groceries and the smells of the taverns, compose the setting of absolute escape.


Historical village with picturesque seaside pedestrian zone, beautiful natural surroundings with pine and olive trees, small tavernas and buildings of rare architectural value. Perfect for a lunch by the sea.


Beautiful and picturesque harbor, safe shelter from summer winds. The clear waters and the many shops, restaurants and mini markets, make the village an ideal place to swim in the afternoon, followed by a nice salt meal. The nightlife in Afissos is particularly busy and lively, as it is a summer haunt of young people from the wider region and from the city of Volos.


Vathoudi is located near the picturesque fishing village of Milina and is a safe haven from the winds of the Pagasitikos Gulf. The proximity to Milina makes it an ideal stop for a memorable dining experience with the endless blue and the lush vegetation.


It is a natural haven and refuge. The green waters and the golden olive trees near the beach make the perfect setting for relaxing barbecue evenings and romantic encounters around the fire.


Volos is the most popular starting and ending point of a sailing trip, a place with a strong mythological history and interesting atmosphere, in front of the mountain of the Centaurs, Pelion. The once base of Jason’s Argonauts now is a modern city with many benefits and entertainment options.


Seaport near Volos ideal for short sailing trips. It is a coastal settlement of South Anchialos and allows beautiful excursions in the surrounding areas.


One of the most popular stations sailing to and from Volos. The picturesque fishing village of Old Port, is the ideal place for walking and beach lovers. The Monastery of the Annunciation, the beautiful beaches, the golden vegetation and the lack of vehicles, compose a photogenic romantic view of past times.


Ideal haven for winds that occur in the Aegean. A completely untouched beach, unspoiled and secluded, near the Mediterranean vegetation of the area. Its unique jewel is the view of a ruined house by the water.


Beautiful and picturesque port that offers various benefits (showers, mini-markets) for sailors who anchor in the bay. The flavors of the local gastronomy dominate in the local taverns, while relaxing in the pool bars very popular.

CASTLE (of Achilles)

It is a little stone turret used during the years of Venetian rule. It offers a wonderful panoramic view of Pigadi port, of the surrounding beaches Pteleos and of the island of Skiathos.

* According to local traditions this is the point at which Achilles started his journey to Troy.


It is one of the most frequently photographed locations in South Pelion because the wonderful color combinations, the pure traditional style, the surrounding peace, the feeling intact and the picturesque landscape make up the comparative advantages of a destination of unsurpassed beauty.


Natural harbor on the coast of the Aegean Sea. Suitable for swimming, fishing and diving. Along the beach there are cafes, taverns, fish taverns and bars. Known and preferred for short weekend breaks by residents of the surrounding areas. There is also the possibility of horse riding.


The pretty fishing village of Oreos is an anchorage for yachts offering shelter from the wind, while there are facilities for water entertainment (restaurants, bars and shops). Its castle and the beautiful beaches are some of the advantages.